ATC Acquires Argo International Corporation

Lyndhurst, NJ, April 2, 2015—ATC (Argo Turboserve Corp.) is pleased to announce the formal acquisition of Argo International Corporation. Argo International Corporation (AIC) will be managed by ATC Distribution & Services (D&S), a division of ATC.

Argo International Corporation is a $50MM Electrical and Mechanical Distribution, and Integrated Engineered Packaging & Services business serving customers and operations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and countries in Central and South America.

The addition of Argo International to ATC D&S will yield important benefits for suppliers and customers; and ensure continuity across our business and relationships. Over the long-term, this acquisition will accelerate the ability to leverage synergies, seize on industry growth opportunities, and deliver continued product innovation —with consistent, reliable operational and financial performance.

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