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How to Properly Use or Request a Certificate of Conformance

A Step-by-Step Guide

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A step-by-step guide to ensure your outgoing orders or incoming shipments meet all technical requirements. There is an agreed upon understanding in supply chain management. It is that whatever you order meets the specifications you provided. It’s backed by a Certificate of Conformance (COC). 

Our Top 4 Supply Chain Management Performance KPIs

Are You Extracting Full Value from Your Supply Chain?

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Extraordinary performance in supply chain management will add competitive advantage, and assist a company to become a market leader. We outline four key performance indicators used to drive a successful growth strategy. They provide continuous improvement throughout the supply chain.

Six Principles for Managerial Success

By Dan Tenzer Sr., Vice President, ATC Government & Turbine

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In my 20 years as a manager, including the last five years as the leader of ATC’s Government and Turbine Division, I have cultivated a set of six principles that I believe are most valuable to assure success as a manager.   

The Quality Process Begins Here

Five Tips to Reduce Costs and Save Valuable Time

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If the question is, “What happened to our quality processes?” the answer may lie in more effective communication, one that includes a responsive feedback loop. Some of the following ideas will help to keep quality in the process.

ATC Industrial Supply Chain Relocates Warehouse Distribution in Houston, Texas

54,000 Square Foot Facility

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ATC Industrial Supply Chain  today announced the expansion and relocation of their operations center in Houston, Texas, to a 54,000-square-foot facility, more than double the size of the previous location. The new climate controlled warehouse includes quality control and electrostatic discharge (ESD) rooms, state-of-the-art racking systems, and a staging area to support kitting and fulfillment activities.