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What is Customer Value?

Customer Value Creation

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Each new program ATC establishes requires meeting specific earnings targets, including return on sales and return on invested capital. However, before we can even begin a new program we must ensure that the deal creates value for the customer. Decisions are usually made based on economic models that are a combination of customer requirements, data, and the best assumptions known at a given point in time.

What Are Distribution Channels?


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A distribution channel is the network of businesses and individuals involved in the process of delivering a product or service to the consumer. Whether it’s a tangible product or an intangible service, all businesses rely on buying and selling to make a profit. As such, distribution channels are an integral part of every business in the world. After all, creating the most innovative and amazing products is worthless if strategies are not in place to effectively distribute them to consumers.

Improve Your Company's Efficiency with Supply Chain Management

Refocus On What You Do Best

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Supply chain management (SCM) provided by a third party is a relatively new service. In fact, the terms "supply chain" and "supply chain management" were coined in 1982 by Booz Allen Hamilton logistician Keith Oliver. Although many companies have now been outsourcing their supply chains for several decades, there has never been a greater demand for supply chain management solutions than today. Due to a number of factors, including globalization and developments in various technologies (especially information technology), today's businesses simply cannot afford to take the efficiency of their supply chains for granted.

ATC is In the Cloud


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In continuation to support ATC’s mission to keep up with the technology trend and build an even more stable and secure environment, ATC  successfully migrated and upgraded its production data center to the cloud.

The Aerospace Supply Chain

From Aerospace OEM’s to Parts Suppliers

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The industry faces the same challenges plaguing many of the world’s industries: costly raw materials, increasing energy costs, and inflation of the U.S. dollar. In an effort to hurdle these obstacles, companies on all levels of the aerospace supply chain—from aerospace OEM’s to parts suppliers—are developing ways to benefit from the rapid globalization of the industry.